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Magic Mike

Posted Thursday, October 11th, 2012
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Hi everybody I’m Mike Sjørslev Khamphoukeo (known by people as Magic Mike. And that was before the movie)  and this is my website where i present my awesome and tasty game cocktails!

Since 2008 I have been inventing different kind of cocktails from games I like.

I started drinking in a late age (in regards to Denmark) but I always liked to mix drinks to people at family parties etc. When I got started at my Master at the I University in Copenhagen, I joined they “Friday” bar to learn new people and mix some drinks. When I started at the bar, a lot of other students from my study line MTG (Media Technology and Games) were also helping out in the bar. We decided to make a theme bar about Mario, now that so many of us were into games. We made a lot of different decorations and I thought it could be fun to invent original cocktails that would represent some of the characters or objects in the Mario universe. A few weeks about we held this event and posted the drinks on our website, we got featured in one of the bigger GameSites on the internet. Later that year we did a Final Fantasy Theme bar and again we got featured on Kotaku and other sites:

And that is when I really got “Blod på tanden” (Blood on the tooth), a Danish expression, which can be translated to “getting excited / a taste” for this. So we made more theme bars and I invented more drinks.

When I finished my Master I still made cocktails, but at a slower pace. I served drinks at different game events in the Danish game industry and lately also at Geekcore and J-Popcon. Also I started my Youtube Channel and my own homepage focusing on my cocktails.