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Expeditions Conquistador – El Conquistador

Posted Wednesday, February 6th, 2013
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El Conquistador

When we Finally glimpsed the shored of Hispaniola on the horizon, relief and excitement washed over us, our hearts filled with the promise of adventure

  • 3 cl Barcadi Dragon Berry
  • 2 cl Malibu Coconut
  • 1 cl Passoa Passion Fruit
  • 1 cl Passoa Spicy Mango
  • 1 cl Monin Spicy
  • 3 cl Ananas Juice
  • 4 cl Banana Juice


Shake all ingredients with ice. Stain into ice-filled Glass.


Dragon Fruit, Passion Fruit or Cape gooseberry would look nice as garnish. A chili would do as well and give colour


As told in the Intro of this chapter; it was a challenge to make a tribute for the game which some of my friends designed.

El Conquistador